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I studied at the Bernhard Gottlieb University Dental Clinic in Vienna, where I also discovered my interest in orthodontics. Thanks to Dr. Rudolf Matheis, my mentor and colleague, I got into dentistry in my teenage years. For several years now I have been working with him and his daughter Dr. Victoria Matheis in the practice in Linz where I took over the contract for orthodontics in 2015.

I have been working in Vienna since 2012. Here we are a team of 3 doctors consisting of Dr. Arthur Marczell and Dr. Dr. Felix Wick. Together we cover almost all areas of dentistry. 

Every day, patients come to our office with very special wishes and requirements: Some are so anxious that just making an appointment was a hurdle. Some are even at the dentist for the first time in their lives. It is important to proceed slowly and carefully, so that dental fear can not arise in the first place.

Some want to smile more beautiful, others want to be able to smile again. Some are in pain, some just want a check-up and have never had anything before.

Old and young, that is our credo, should get the treatment that ultimately leads to a satisfying result for both patient and dentist. On a path where you are not simply at the mercy of the dentist, but in conversation help determine the path.

The Dentist & Specialist for Orthodontics

Carina Wick

Our dental services

General dentistry:
Dental checkups, composit fillings, root canals (endodontics), prosthodontics (inlays, all-ceramic crowns and bridges),

Smile Design / Smile Makeover:
Where we adjust the teeth prosthetically or orthodontically according to the facial aesthetics. For this purpose, the characteristics of the ideal dentition are worked out by means of photos, 3D scans and X-rays. This means teeth that are placed in length, shape, size and symmetry to the face. This can be visualized to give the patient an idea of the future smile.
Aesthetic training is therefore indispensable, as a lot has happened and is still happening in the field of esthetic dentistry with regard to materials and their applications. Among others, I attended courses with Dr. Didier Dietschi (Geneva) on the subject of layered composite abutments, Prof. Manhart (Munich) on composite fillings, and Christian Coachman (Brazil) at NYU on the subject of smile design, to name just a few.

Professional oral hygiene:
Based on x-rays, the condition of the retaining apparatus is determined and, depending on this, professional oral hygiene is suggested, up to and including periodontal treatment for periodontitis patients.

Bleaching or tooth whitening:
Professional teeth bleaching at the chair. By means of special bleaching lamp the bleaching gel is activated on the tooth. Brilliant white teeth in the long term requires occasional repetitions of the procedure.

Specific Treatments


Free braces only in Linz.
Invisible and visible braces for children, teenagers and adults.  Aligner therapy or fixed braces as well as combination treatments with braces and oral surgery adjustment. Treatment of the open bite without surgical intervention etc. etc.

Pediatric dentistry:
With special attention to the needs of young patients, with many explanations and a cautious approach to any necessary treatme

Fear of Dentist:
What applies to little ones also applies to big patients.

Invisible braces / aligner

Open bite / Sato method

Scanning instead of impressions:
No more impressions needed for braces, crowns and inlays. Intraoral scanners are used to scan dental arches.

Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal damage.

Surgical interventions, implants and facial aesthetics:
see Dr. Dr. Felix Wick

Entrance Area

Hero Ordi


Aligner therapy, invisible braces

Certified Invisalign practitioner for many years with numerous continuing education courses in treating orthodontic patients of all ages and malocclusions.

Fixed orthodontics - Free Braces Linz

Since the beginning of the free braces, we have had the health insurance contract for orthodontics in our practice in Linz. Patients with a malposition IOTN 4 or 5 receive braces until the age of 18 via direct billing with the health insurance companies.

After the study is before the study:
Further training with Dr. Guido Sampermans (Maastricht) on the segmental arch technique and Straightwire Appliance, Prof. Martin Richter (Salzburg), as well as learning the Multiloop Edgewise Appliance- method under Prof. Sadao Sato (Japan) and Prof. Rudolf Slavicek (Vienna) respectively for the treatment of more difficult cases ( e.g. open bites, asymmetries and class III ) for the most part without surgical intervention, allow me a wide range of treatment options.

I attended numerous training courses and spent hours and days of voluntary observation and cooperation in various practices at home and abroad. For 4 years I treated weekly at the orthodontic department of the Dr. W. Brenner Institute (Vienna) under OA. Dr. Thomas Francan.

All these years of learning and working on patients, enable me to offer a wide range of treatment options and ensure the most efficient treatment possible. In teamwork with my colleagues we manage to solve even complicated cases.

Patient communication is our concern

Wishes, ideas and medical necessities are explained in conversation, supported by digital visual material. Only when the patient has understood why certain interventions have to be made can a trusting treatment take place.

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Group Practice

Our practices in Vienna and Linz are characterized by the close cooperation of orthodontics and other dental specialties such as maxillofacial surgery or oral surgery within a joint facility away from a university clinic. I and my colleagues work in continuous exchange with each other, which enables optimal efficiency in the procedures for our patients. The different focuses of both disciplines complement each other in an ideal way and lead to optimized results. This is particularly evident in procedures such as the removal of wisdom teeth or the placement of implants during aligner treatment. Thanks to the careful planning of both specialties, unnecessary complications can be avoided. The procedures are well coordinated, which ensures smooth and time-efficient treatments.

An additional advantage is that all steps are carried out in one place, without patients having to shuttle back and forth between different practices. Our primary goal is to provide the highest level of comfort by combining comprehensive treatment options under one roof.

Dentist & specialist dentist orthodontics

01 Orthodontics in Vienna & Linz

Whether invisible, fixed or removable: We find the right braces for every malocclusion.

02 First Aid for Braces

Here you will find first aid tips for problems or pain with braces as well as emergency contacts.

03 Paediatric dentistry in 1060 Vienna

A matter close to our hearts at our practice in Vienna: we are always happy to take time for our little patients.

04 Looking for a dentist for anxiety patients in Vienna?

Don't be afraid, we'll only get to grips with you after asking: anxiety patients are in good hands with us.

05 Professional Dental Cleaning

Not all plaque can be combated by home oral hygiene alone. Bacteria that are found in deeper gum pockets or in hard-to-reach places should be removed once or twice a year with professional oral hygiene (dental prophylaxis) to keep the teeth and periodontium healthy.

06 Fillings

Whether amalgam, plastic composite or ceramic or gold inlays: together we choose the filling that meets the needs of your tooth.

07 Prosthesis

From crowns and bridges to implants: We will advise you individually on which dental prosthesis suits you best.