Fear of Dentists

Don't worry, we won't touch your teeth unless you want us to. With us, you always know what the next step is and what is going on. Very often, all it takes for patients to relax is just to get to know us and our tools a little better.

Overcoming fear
How does dental anxiety develop?

Many anxiety patients describe traumatic dental experiences from childhood when it comes to the subject of dental anxiety. When asked: "Why are you afraid, what happened?", I usually hear that the patients were treated unnecessarily against their will. Or they felt they were at the mercy of the situation or the dentist.

This goes so far that many only go to the dentist when the pain has already become almost unbearable. Therefore, in addition to the treatment of anxiety patients, we are also very concerned about the gentle treatment of our young patients. (See First visit to the dentist child).

How do we help you overcome your fear ?

Many patients with dental anxiety describe traumatic dental experiences from their childhood when it comes to dental anxiety. This goes so far that many only go to the dentist when the pain has already become almost unbearable. I always try to teach my patients that this pain and this fear do not have to be necessary. Nothing is done against their will and everything is done only after consultation and, above all, inquiry. Thus, the patient never has the feeling of losing control. As already described in the video, it only takes a little training to make the often panic behavior patterns gradually disappear.

And to prepare you a little bit for what is done in our office, please read the following section.

Procedure of the initial treatment or consultation in our office
  1. Book an online appointment via Appointment Anxious Patient, oder rufen sie an.
  2. At the reception we collect your data including a medical history (information about diseases, medications, allergies, etc.).
  3. Für eine erste Einschätzung des Behandlungsumfanges fertigen wir Röntgen an.
  4. Afterwards, the assistants will accompany you to the treatment room. There we discuss the necessary treatments, risks, costs and the further dental procedure on the basis of the prepared documents.
  5. You decide which treatments shoukd be performed and when. Either the treatment can be started immediately or follow-up appointments are arranged.

Dental fear and anxiety are not necessary. Just come to our office and get to know the atmosphere and our team a little.  You can find more info on the topic in the video.

For further questions call or use the possibility to book an dentist appointment online. Our team is awaiting you for a consultation!