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Dr. Carina Wick | Abdruckfreie Zahnbehandlung
Impression-free dental treatments: Braces, crowns, inlays using intraoral scanners
Impression-free dental treatments: Traditional impression procedures cause discomfort for many patients. Find out how impression-free dental treatments with intraoral scanners counteract these challenges.
Overbite Treatment with Aligners: without Jaw Surgery
Learn how a successful overbite treatment was achieved in an adult patient using aligners without the need for jaw surgery. Explore the background, aligner therapy, and the specific challenges of this case.
Dr. Maja Manojlovic
Today our new colleague introduces herself: Dr. Maja Manojlovic / dentist with focus on periodontology. She represents us on Friday afternoon and Saturday at Ordination Wick: Mariahilferstr 105, 1060 Vienna.
Braces for Children and Teenagers: Your Solution for Healthy Teeth
Learn how our orthodontic treatments in Vienna and Linz help improve your children's dental health and give them a healthy smile. We offer
individual solutions for every patient, whether child or adult. We invite you to learn more about how braces can help improve dental health.
Closing Gaps with Invisible Braces: Natural Aesthetics, New Smile
Aesthetic Gap Closure: Learn how the use of invisible braces can contribute to a natural smile. Explore the efficiency of this modern method for enhancing your appearance.
Bleach Beispie | Dr. Carina Wick
In-Office Teeth Bleaching – Q&A for Sparkling White Teeth
Discover a Radiant Smile with In-Office Teeth Bleaching! Our Q&A blog post addresses all your inquiries and showcases the advantages of this procedure. Schedule your appointment now at for a brilliantly white outcome!
Kreuzbiss Unsichtbare Zahnschiene Behandlung | Dr. Carina Wick
The secret of a bright smile: the invisible braces and smile makeover
Discover the benefits of invisible braces and a stunning smile makeover.
Minor malocclusion
Have your teeth shifted a little after braces treatment? Or does it bother you that one front tooth is not quite in line?
News Beitrag | Dr. Carina Wick
Patient Success Story: Premolar Tooth
In this case, a premolar - tooth 35 - which was lying obliquely in the bone was placed back in the tooth row - i.e. moved into the position intended by nature.