Minor malocclusion

Have your teeth shifted a little again after braces treatment? Or does it bother you that one front tooth is not quite in line?

For smaller tooth misalignments, there is a more cost-effective smaller invisible brace treatment. With a reduced number of aligners, small misalignments in the area of the upper or lower front teeth can be corrected. Whether it is after an orthodontic treatment that has already taken place, in which one or the other tooth has shifted a little again, or a change in the front row of teeth that is only now noticeably disturbing:

Especially in the case of minor blemishes, this therapy is particularly suitable because of its good predictability.

This invisible braces treatment also uses special software that creates a digital model of the changes in tooth position during treatment. Alternatively, if a simple correction is desired that cannot be achieved with the small package of invisible braces, lingual braces are an option.

For further questions about treatment of minor tooth misalignments with invisible splints or lingual braces, simply use our contact form, call or use the option to book an appointment in the office online. Our team is waiting for you for a free consultation!

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