Resin Fillings

What is a resin filling?

A resin filling, also known as a composite filling, is a tooth-colored filling that is molded directly in the mouth. Compared to other fillings, resin offers the advantage of being aesthetically pleasing and quick to place. Particularly in the case of more complex fillings, which are built up in several layers, very natural results can be achieved which are in no way inferior to ceramic restorations. This is particularly advantageous when restoring broken anterior corners. Another advantage is the immediate restoration of the tooth.

What can be done with resin fillings ?

Resin fillings, also called composite fillings, can basically be used to replace almost any tooth substance loss. However, in cases of complete crown loss or very large tooth damage, additional anchoring mechanisms are required. For aesthetic and functional reasons, technical work such as crowns or inlays is recommended in these cases (see here).

If you have any questions about plastic fillings or other dental treatments, we recommend that you make an appointment with us. Our team is looking forward to helping you.


Broken off corner of the anterior incisor

Abgebrochenes Eck am vorderen Schneidezahn

After multilayer buildup with acrylic materials

Nach mehrschichtigem Aufbau mit Kunststoffmaterialien