Tooth stains

What are white spots on the tooth ?

White spots on the tooth are hypomineralized, chalky-white areas of the tooth, also called white spots. This is an altered enamel structure due to :

  • Decalcification based on carious events
  • Altered enamel development during the formation of the tooth.
  • Fluorosis: deposits due to increased fluoride intake during infancy

Therapy of white spots / decalcifications on the tooth

With the ICON treatment (infiltration therapy more information: here) the chalky porous areas can be "filled up" again by means of thin plastic liquids. No drilling is necessary. The white spots thus become less or no longer visible.

White spots before Treatment with ICON

Weisse Flecken vor der Behandlung mit ICON

...and the same teeth after the ICON Treatment.

Weisse Flecken nach der ICON Behandlung

What is MIH ?

Molar Incisive Hypomineralization. When brownish white spots appear on the anterior teeth and also molars.

Depending on the severity, there may be loss of tooth structure, increased risk of caries, and increased sensitivity (temperature, touch). The whitish-yellowish to brownish spots are also an aesthetic burden, especially in the anterior region. The cause of MIH is still unclear. In science, causes before and after birth are considered.

Therapy of MIH

Depending on the severity, special fluoride pastes, removal of the soft tooth substance areas or, in particularly severe cases, early removal of the affected molar with possible adjustment of the tooth behind it are recommended.

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