First Aid for Braces

First aid for problems with braces! If you have just had your fixed or invisible braces fitted, you may experience temporary pain. The teeth first have to get used to the gentle movement. Particularly when chewing hard foods, you then feel the tension, which can manifest itself as bite sensitivity. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Arch sticks out and protrudes over the rearmost bracket?

Try shortening the protruding piece of wire with a small pair of pliers. In the worst case, the wire can also be shortened further forward. The cut piece of wire should then be removed. Then please arrange an  inspection appointment with us as soon as possible.

Wire ligature stings?

It is best to try to bend away the disturbing small piece of wire with your finger. If you cannot reach the spot well with your finger, you can use the eraser side of a pencil or a small pair of tweezers.

Bracket is loose?

If a bracket has come loose, it should be glued back on as soon as possible (1 to maximum 2 weeks later). Otherwise, tooth positions that have already been achieved may be reset. This in turn leads to a massive extension of the treatment time.

In case of loosening of a bracket, we would like to ask you to immediately make an appointment with us for reattachment. Only by means of a properly fixed appliance can the treatment goal be achieved.


If a bracket has completely loosened from the wire arch?

➡️ Remove it with tweezers or your finger, make an appointment and bring the bracket with you.


Is the bracket still on the wire?

➡️ leave everything as it is, if it is twisted you can try to turn it over carefully with tweezers


If brackets are swallowed?

➡️ No need to worry


But if brackets are inhaled and breathing problems occur?

➡️ Call an emergency doctor immediately! 🚑

Splint lost?

It is best to change to the next splint immediately. Then wear it until it fits perfectly again and no more pressure is felt. If you do not have the next splint ? Please change to the previous splint and make an appointment in the office.

Split is partially or completely broken?

If the splint tears a little, simply continue wearing it. After the agreed wearing time, change to the next splint. If the splint is completely broken: It is best to switch to the next possible splint. If this is not possible, please continue wearing the splint parts until you receive new splints.

What to do for pain?
What to do in case of pain or problems with the (invisible) braces?

The time required for the patient to get used to the new braces varies from individual to individual. It comprises approx. 1 to 2 weeks.

If necessary, you can use a painkiller after consulting the doctor. (Otherwise, please follow the manufacturer's dosage instructions).

As a first aid in case of pain or problems with the (fixed or invisible) braces, you will find the first answers to your questions on this page.

If the following instructions for first aid with braces do not help you, you can contact us anytime from Mon- Fri.

What to do in case of pain or problems with braces outside office hours?

We are available Monday to Friday according to office hours. If we do not pick up immediately, we ask you to try again by phone after a certain time.

  • FOR LINZ: In acute pain cases outside the usual office hours (after 18:00), as well as on weekends and holidays, please contact the dental emergency service center Linz in the UKH, Garnisonstraße 7, 4017 Linz, Tel. no.: +43 732/785877.
  • FOR VIENNA: Vienna has its own night, weekend and holiday services. For more info see link here: Austrian Dental Association.